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Giardino di Rose with a decade of experience in the sale of household linen, selects the best brands and models by personally choosing fabrics and accessories.

It’s a long story, but perhaps all stories start from afar: my great-grandparents, who came away from the Veneto region with bits of furniture on a cart, had the dream of starting life elsewhere and ended up opening a furniture shop here in Salò.

That was how a long journey started, punctuated by numerous transformations and, like all things in life, satisfaction, mistakes and radical changes in direction.

Only one thing has never changed: the passion for our work and it is literally from such an overflowing passion that Giardino di Rose, the linen shop, was created; by now, a well known place right in the heart of the marvellous town of Salò.


Tovaglia luana


Following in the footsteps of the ladies in our family, from my grandmother, to my mother to me, Claudia, … I’ve become the pulsating heart of this space.

I consider myself to be a tireless seeker of beauty and my fabrics speak of genteel elegance, a contemporary stamp, environmental sustainability and excellent, mostly Italian, handcraftship.

When with my clients, I imagine habitats and try to interpret their wishes, leading them with discretion in their choices and offering countless customisation services.


Our home is our refuge that mirrors the soul and Giardino di Rose is the place for everyone who wants their home to be more beautiful, welcoming and special


Discover the advantages of buying online and the unique service of offering bespoke tablecloths.

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